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2020 Bucket List with Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

It’s the holiday season. But instead of traveling, I am at home planning my travel calendar for the next year and places to visit in 2020. I usually plan more international destinations but this time I decided to focus mostly on India. There is a sense of comfort in revisiting some of our neighbours as well and I have a sudden urge to head to the familiar and old destinations in the Asian subcontinent. There are old favourites like Singapore and Bangkok and in India, I have a wish list that includes beaches, temples, forts, and festivals. Here is my bucket list for 2020 1.Bangkok I remember visiting Bangkok for the first time over twenty-five years ago and it was part of a longer trip. However, I had just a couple of days here and we barely had time to explore the city. On my second visit, I spent a little more than a couple of days, but I realized that Bangkok needed more time. There are many facets to Bangkok – from culture, food, shopping to nightlife and I would like to linger here for a while and explore. The islands and beaches of Thailand are also beckoning me. Sharath, my husband who is a certified scuba diver went to Koh Samui and Koh Tao last year and he is planning more diving expeditions in Thailand. And I am hoping to join him as well. I am still planning the finer details of the trip and the duration, but I would love to say hello to Bangkok in 2020 2.Singapore I have been to Singapore over six times and there have been many more visits on transit to...
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