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Spicy Ham & Cheese Croissants

I really love blogging about food.  I am often asked how can I do this every day.  My response"  I eat and cook every day so why not share!  If I didn't love doing it I wouldn't do it. Its as simple as that!  One thing that I also love about it is that I occasionally get to try some new things and stretch my cooking abilities by coming up with new ways to use familiar products.  I was recently contacted by the Heritage Brand Branston Pickle and asked to try to come up with a recipe using their products.  As you know I do love a challenge and I adore Branston Pickle, so what else could I say but "Sign Me Up!"
Branston Pickle is one of the nation's most beloved  pickle products.  It has a flavour that is a tiny bit hard to describe.  I could say moreish but that wouldn't be doing it justice.  It is a rather unique flavour.  It is sweet and tangy and spicy and crunchy and goes wonderfully with cheeses and pies and in sandwiches etc.  I love a "Cheese and Pickle" sandwich and when I am talking pickle here I am talking Branston's!  I was sent a hamper with three samples of the iconic pickle containing a jar of the original large chunk, a jar of the small chunk and their new smooth version!  
Made by Crosse & Blackwell, Branston Pickle has been gracing the UK's tables since 1922. A firm favourite it is still made using the same recipe and ...
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