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S?Mores Hershey Kiss Blossom Cookies

Out of all the cookies I have ever pawned off to anyone who will take them (and I’ve pawned off a lot, let me tell you), I’ve never had more rave reviews than today’s cookie. No lie. Brian grabbed the tray of them to take to work on his way out the door last week with [...]

What I’m saying is: these cookies are incredible. A riff off the classic peanut blossom cookie, these babies start with a soft graham cracker cookie and end with a hershey’s kiss while a soft, smooshy toasted marshmallow pushes it’s way into the middle. Yum.
I’m kind of an on the fence marshmallow cookie girl but I’m pleading with you to find a way to get these cookies in your life as soon as is humanly possible. I’m willing to bet most people would choose to eat one of these out of a lineup because they’re adorable. But after one taste, they’ll know. There’s definitely more than just looks going on here. These s’mores blossom cookies are special.
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