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Scottish Dundee Cake

All the bakes of my childhood were embroidered with the appearance of an old patterned Dundee Cake Tin that my mother had collected somewhere during her travels. It had Scottish tartan's printed on it, all around the outside, and on the underside I believe there was actually a photo of a Dundee Cake.  To me it represented one thing and one thing only.  Deliciousness!  Because I knew that inside the tin would be some cookies that my mother had baked or plain cake, or maybe, if we were really lucky . . .  date squares!
It wasn't until I got much older that I began to wonder what exactly a Dundee Cake was!  I knew it was a fruit cake of some sort, which was quite apparent from the tin, and I knew it was Scottish in origin, also apparent from the tin . . . but exactly what kind of fruit cake it was escaped me.  
When we were in Scotland several years ago, I picked up a recipe book on Scottish Baking, written by Sue Lawrence, entitled simply . . .  Scottish Baking.  Above you will see the photo of the Dundee cake in her book.  It is so pretty with its rings of blanched almonds decorating the top.

It is a fruit cake, but not as heavy and rich as a traditional Christmas type of fruit cake. This is more of an "Enjoy with a hot cuppa" kind of a fruit cake!  Light in colour and with a nice "citrus" flavour, it is one of my favourite fruit cakes. 
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