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Sayur Lodeh ( Malay style of vegetables curry ) ???????

The other day i had this Sayur Lodeh (they named it as Sayur masak lemak) in a Malay restaurant which i have too long didn't eat this Malay dish. For me, Tempeh (fermented soy beans) and Tofu puff are the must have items in this dish. This curry is so good to enjoy with steamed rice, yum!

After read thru few online recipes, here come my own version :-
Sayur Lodeh ( Malay style of vegetables curry )???????
Curry paste ingredients15g dried chillies, soaked in hot water till soften3 cloves garlic50g shallots 10g fresh turmeric 20g of Hae Bi or dried shrimp, soaked in hot water for 5mins5g ginger5g galangal 2 lemongrass (white parts only)
300g cabbage, sliced130g long beans , cut into strips100g carrot, cut into strips1 medium brinjal, cut into strips, pan fry and set aside2 Tempeh , sliced20g Glass noodles , soak into water till soften8 tofu puff, halved500ml water350ml coconut milk2tsp salt 1tsp sugar  Method1.      Blend all curry paste ingredients (add a bit water , i added with water from soak the dried shrimps) till fine paste.2.      Heat 5tbsp cooking oil and add in curry paste, sauté till oil separates and colour turned dark, take about 10-15mins.3.      Add in water, and bring to boil. Add in cabbage, long beans, carrot and tofu puff , cook till almost tendered.4.      Add in coconut milk, continue to cook f...