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Pumpkin Pie Roll Ups

Friday was just one of those days.  It was my husband's 80th birthday and I wanted to bake him a really nice cake.  He loves Maple and so I decided to make him a Maple Cake.  I found a really good recipe on the Betty Crocker site.  And went with it.  I had very high hopes.
Can you say "CAKE FAIL""  Not the recipe's fault. The recipe is a sound recipe and I will try it again another day.  For some reason my cake stuck to the pan very badly, despite all my efforts and this is what I ended up with. *Sniff *Sniff     Crumbs, loads and loads of crumbs.
Its a good thing I had a back up plan!  Pumpkin Pie Roll Ups!  Is it ever too early for a Pumpkin dessert"  I THINK NOT!  Especially when it is as delicious as this one!  
Pumpkin Pie Roll Ups!  I did a recipe for Apple Pie Roll Ups a number of years back, which proved to be very popular and even won an award.  They are really good!  I am happy to say that these are every bit as tasty, and maybe even more so! (as if that's possible!)
Maybe we will call it a draw.  One is as good as the other!   

It uses simple ingredients. First,  tinned cooked pumpkin puree, which is a lot easier to find over here now than what it used to be. You can get it in most of the shops and from Amazon. 

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