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Polka Dot Two Handers

Well this past week we saw all the children heading back to school.  I loved back to school time when I was a child.  It was so very exciting.  New shoes, new scribblers and pencils, new teachers,  and I got to see some of my friends that I hadn't seen all summer! 
Two of my seven Grands at the end of their first day of school.  I think it went well. They look happy enough anyways!
It was pretty exciting for me when I was raising my family also!  I was excited for them and the new year they were beginning, plus there was the fact that by the end of the summer they were getting pretty bored with being home and getting on my very last nerve more often than not!  Five children with all of their personalities and quirks.  Lets just say, they did not always get on, but happily for the most part they do now.  Whew!  
I was a cookie baking mum.  I loved to bake cookies and each day when my children arrived home from school, there would be a delicious after school snack waiting for them. If I was lucky I would have enough for them to each enjoy some on the day and then to pop into their sack lunches the next day. 
This recipe I am sharing today is adapted from one I found in a cookie book by GBB finalist Miranda Gore Browne, entitled Biscuit. (If I am not mistaken, she was in the first series, but I could be wrong!)
Suffice it to say I never made these cookies for my kids.&nbs...
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