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Pizza Dosa - Veg Pizza Dosa - Pizza with Dosa Batter Base

Pizza Dosa is an Colourful & yummy dosa Recipe made with Idli Dosa batter & some Colourful toppings of your choice. I used  Onion,tomato,Capsicum,corn,Paneer & cheese as Toppings, with sprinkles of  Chilli flakes & oregano. if you have craving of pizza, using the batter you can make this dosa in ziffy. it is a kids friendly recipe. kids love a lot. 

Pizza Dosa  Prep Time :  10   min. 
Cook Time : 15 minutes.Recipe Category: Dosa VarietiesRecipe Cusine :Indianyield:2 Dosa's.

Dosa batter - 1 cup.oil - to drizzle.tomato sauce - for side.
onion - 2 tbsp.tomato - 2 tbsp.capsicum - 2 tbsp.sweet corn - 2 tbsp.paneer - 10 small pieces.oregano - 1/2 tsp.chilli flakes - 1/4 tsp.cheese - 5 tbsp. PreparationChop onions,tomato, capsicum finely.If frozen corn use it as such, else cook the corn.Chop the paneer into small cubes,Consistency of dosa batter should be, little thicker than normal dosa batter consistency.

Heat the tawa,when tawa is hot, add ladle full of batter,then add one more ladle on top of it. Don't spread the dosa, batter will automatically spread. if you want crust at the edges, just spread the dosa little.
Then drizzle the oil. Now change the flame to medium low.Sprinkle  the chopped veggies,sweet corn & paneer  on top of the dosa.When 3/4 of veggies are cooked, top it with grated cheese. Cook it covered. When cheese melts, sprinkle oregano & chilli flakes...
Source: Vysyas recipes