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Packing Snacks Filled with Veggies

Nowadays, snacks are pretty easy to come by. You can walk into the grocery store and find bags and bags of cookies, chips, crackers, bars and everything in between. But something that’s definitely harder to find is good quality options. And that’s where Made in Nature comes in handy. Whenever you pick up one of their bags of dried fruit or coconut chips or kale chips, you know you’re going to get organic snacks that are completely free of artificial additives, colors and flavors, GMOs, and synthetic preservatives, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. They remove all the sketchy stuff and keep only the clean ingredients that nature intended!

I’ve been working with Made in Nature for a while now and have been amazed by the quality of their products. And since I’m constantly traveling, their snacks have been lifesavers month after month. They offer kale chips, coconut chips, dried fruit, nut fusions, figgy pops, and now veggie pops. And everything I’ve tried has been so incredibly fresh and satisfying, which is highly needed while traveling all day long. Some of my favorite products from Made in Nature is their coconut chips. I’m OBSESSED with coconut chips. It’s one of my favorite snacks to have on hand for a perfect boost of long-lasting energy. And they have the most unique coconut chip flavors on the market. They offer Spiced Cocoa, Ginger Masala Chai, Toasted Cinnamon, Maple Vanilla and Italian Espresso. And the coconut ...