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Ondeh Ondeh Swiss Roll Christmas Log Cake ???????

My friends said this cake is seriously good, and requested me to take order. I told them i have no time to make, let me share the recipe here then they can try out. But they still want me to make, Lolz ^_^ The fresh grated coconut decorated on this swiss roll, look like snow on a Christmas log cake, nice!

Ondeh Ondeh Swiss Roll Christmas Log Cake???????*35.5cm x 28cm rectangular pan
For coconut filling140g fresh grated coconut60g palm sugar or gula MelakaA pinch of salt1tbsp Molasses3 blades pandan leaves, knotted
For coconut frosting100g fresh grated coconutA pinch of salt
For Pandan Sponge Cake4 egg yolks (A or large)50g vegetable oil (I use sunflower seeds oil)60g pandan juices (blend 10 blade of pandan leaves with water)20g caster sugar85g cake flour 4 egg white (A or large)1/4tsp cream of tartar60g caster sugar
For whipped cream150g dairy UHT whipping cream, beat over a bowl of iced water till peak formed
MethodFor coconut fillingAdd all ingredients except Molasses in a non stick frying pan. Fry till mixture is well combined and gula Melaka is dissolved.Add in Molasses to darken the coconut filling and fry till dry. Scoop out and set aside to cool.
For coconut frostingSteam grated coconut and salt for 5mins. Set aside to cool
For pandan sponge cakeLightly whisk egg yolk with sugar. Add in vegetable oil, stir to combine.Add in pandan juices, combine well. Fold in cake flour, mix well, set aside.Add cream of tartar with egg white,...
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