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No-Bake Samoas

Were you a girl scout growing up" I surprisingly was. I don’t think I really fit in with my scout group of girls since all of them were well-behaved and I was getting close to the age where I would get suspended multiples times. Middle school had some tough years. But I think I still fit in with my group because I was REALLY good at eating girl scout cookies. Pretty MEH with selling them, but eating…I crushed that. Especially Samoas. And if you’ve missed my previous recipes, I’ve made Samoa Brownies and Samoa Truffles here on the blog. But these No-Bake Samoas are even easier. I used this caramel sauce instead of making my own and it saved SO much time. Similar to my girl scout career, these cookies did not last long.
It’s so weird that I got suspended 3 times when I was younger because nowadays I HATE breaking the rules. I drive the speed limit, I never cut in line, and I never want to break any sort of rules…other than cursing at all times of the day. But I don’t see curse words as bad words soooooo. I remember getting suspended for telling the vice principal to shut up when she said something mean about my best friend. Then I got suspended another time for talking back to a teacher but he ended up hitting me in the back of the head so we ended up having to go to court a few times. I forgot about that until now. That was a dramatic 7th grade. Then I got suspended another time most likely for being a psychopath when my puber...