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My Latest Skincare Routine & Favorite Products

I LOVE trying new skincare products. If you walk into my bathroom and open up the many drawers we have in there, it’s almost all skincare products. I love creams, serums, masks, and really any other product out there that’s being pushed by some blogger or influencer. Because I’m simply curious. I want to figure out what the best product is for my own skin and luckily, there are A TON of great skincare companies out there. Many have been introduced to me by my esthetician and others I’ve just found along the way. So today I want to walk you through my latest skincare favorites and what I’m doing to work on my own skin issues and frustrations.
Before we get started, I wanted to link some previous blog posts in case you are new here! I used to have HORRIBLE cystic acne. It was painful, miserable, and often debilitating. I didn’t even want to leave my house, I was so incredibly embarrassed. But once I finally went on accutane, I felt like I had some slight control over my body. It was one of the best things I ever did, even though it was a super miserable process. Since accutane in 2013, I’ve dabbled in so many different skincare treatments and products. Profractional, BBL, and Microneedling are three of my favorite treatments that I get on a regular basis to help with my skin’s texture and look. Hopefully those previous posts help give you a little insight into my own skincare journey and help you with your own! Now let’s t...