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My Experience w/ Microneedling & Why I’m Obsessed

I just recently started getting microneedling done and I’M OBSESSED!! The main reason I’m doing microneedling is to improve acne scars and fine lines that I’m getting from aging. After just one 1.0mm microneedle treatment, I’ve seen amazing results!! I know my skin better than anyone and I also take close up photos almost every single day so I see every change that is happening with each passing day. Not always the best part of my job. But with just ONE treatment, my skin looks more plump, the lines around my mouth have diminished some, and my acne scars have improved. And that’s just from ONE treatment. I’m so damn pumped about it! I go to Marcy Tarango at Cherry Hills Facial Aesthetics (720-459-7960) for my botox, cyro t-shock (more details about that coming in the future), and now microneedling. She is amazing and you will be in awe of her absolutely stunning skin! I asked what kind of questions you guys had on instagram stories so hopefully I answer all of them below! If I didn’t, feel free to leave a question here and I’ll answer it right away!
How do you know if you’re a candidate for microneedling"
You talk to a professional! I am NOT a professional. I am just a person who now loves microneedling and all I can share is my own personal experience. Find an esthetician, find a dermatologist, or find another skincare professional who can see if microneedling is right for you!
What is microneedling...