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Movement Made Easy

Bodies were made to move. We were made to sit, stand, stretch, walk, run, climb, lift, and do about a million other things in between. Our bodies want to be active, but as many of us know…not all activewear wants to be active with us. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to pull my leggings up as they slowly ride down during double unders. Or the number of times I’ve felt like I was slowly being suffocated around the waist by a clinging pair of pants. And speaking from experience – my workouts are never that great when I’m feeling like my activewear is working against me. But luckily we have lululemon on our side to keep us comfortable through any workout, anywhere, anytime.

lululemon is all about improvement. They want their customers to continually feel inspired to improve in their daily lives and they are continuously trying to improve everything about their own brand. From the events they hold, to the community they’ve created, to the clothing you see on people every single day. lululemon wants us all to sweat, grow, and connect. They want us all to live our best, sweatiest life. And that sweaty life should include clothing that we cannot wait to wear again. Clothing that moves with us, instead of against us.
And that’s where the Align Pant comes into play. I feel a little behind the times because I’ve always been a diehard Wunder Under fan, but I recently gave the Align 25″ pants a go and I’m s...