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Matar Chaat Recipe, How to make Matar Kulcha | Dried Peas Potage Recipe

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Matar chaat is one of the popular street food of North India specially in Delhi and Amritsar. You might see many street vendors selling matar kulcha on roadside or even outside schools and colleges. 

Peas are soaked, boiled, tempered with Indian spices and then garnished with onion, tomatoes and green chilies. Little bit of tamarind chutney is added to make it more tangy and spicy. This is one of my favorite chaat recipe with Kulcha.

This is another very popular street food that comes very close to matar kulcha is amritsari chole. Chole is a punjabi recipe of white chickpeas curry served with fried bread known as poori.

The word matar in Hindi means peas. In this recipe the peas that are used are dried white peas. These peas are light brown in color, same as chickpea color. 
The matar chaat has a semi thick consistency with a tangy taste and flavorful savory dish. This is best accompaniment with Kulcha (Indian bread) which is already posted on my blog last year you can check it by clicking on the kulcha.

If you don?t have kulcha then you can eat the matar curry with naan too. You can also have the matar plain without any accompaniment.

This matar recipe is adapted my Mom's kitchen, she is used to prepare at home only.

During my childhood days street food hawkers carrying hot and spicy matar chaat in a big brass pateela were a common sight outside s...
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