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Linen Fabric Benefits, Choosing and Care Guide

I bet you?ve heard of linen fabric and maybe you?re even wearing it! However, did you know how linen is made, what are the benefits, or what to look for when choosing good quality linen products" Furthermore, are you caring for your linen items correctly" Find out!

What Is Linen Fabric"

Linen is a textile made of the cellulose fibres that grow inside of the stalks of the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. Flax is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history.

Imagine replacing your old tea towels with those linen beauties!

Benefits of Linen

Here are the main reasons why linen has remained so popular over the years:


The flax fibre, from which linen is made, is hollow and absorbs moisture well ? up to 20% of its own weight in water before starting to feel damp. The latter is especially important when it comes to towels, bath linens, bedding as well as clothing.

Besides absorbing moisture well, linen is able to release it fast. The flax plant is hollow allowing for higher air permeability. Thus, linen fabric dries out quickly and doesn?t stick to the body. Linen is also a natural insulator, i.e. it keeps you cool in the summer and retains heat from your body when it?s cooler. The reason is flax?s long polymers that have the best heat resistance and conductivity of all the commonly used textile fibres.


Linen fabric possesses rare bacteriological properties ? it is a natural antisept...