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Indian Butter Chicken

Waking up to snow this Tuesday morning bums me out and makes me happy at the same time. It’s a real bummer because well, it’s cold. And I’m literally cold all.the.time in the winter. But it’s awesome because I bought two new pairs of winter boots the other day. ON SALE. What is it about a sale that makes women feel like they conquered the world. I literally feel like I kicked some serious ass by saving 50% on boots. Killiiiiiiiiing it.
You guys, this past weekend was so fun. Instead of having a normal bridal shower, we decided to have a wedding shower together with all of our friends to celebrate with the people who couldn’t make it to our wedding that’s coming up in April. And when we decided to plan a shower, a friend mentioned having a Stock The Bar party where people bring alcohol or bar accessories to help stock your house. So then if you ever have friends over or a party, there is always some sort of alcohol in the house. I thought it sounded like an awesome idea (especially since we didn’t register anywhere) which is funny since I think most alcohol tastes like poison. Well, the party was absolutely awesome. Friends from all walks of life came out to hang out with us, drink some cocktails, eat some snacks and bring alcohol or accessories. We got wine, liquor, bitters, wine glasses, cocktail recipe books, all the fun jazz. And we just had a friend build a bar cart for us for our dining room so we look like we drink a ton. I th...