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Hungarian Borscht

When I was a child my family lived for a time in a small town situated on the shores of Lake Winnipeg about  two hours North of Winnipeg city itself.  I have really lovely memories of the time that we lived there.  The first house that we lived in was a duplex bungalow.  Our neighbors on the one side were the Dukemon (not sure about the spelling) family and Mr Dukemon often made this soup.  Borscht.  On the days that  he made this the amazing aroma of it would waft over to our house . . .  it smelled amazingly delicious.  I never got to actually taste it, but the smell of it was pretty tantalizing to my tiny tastebuds. Yes.  I was a foodie even then.


Flash forward to the age of nineteen and I was invited over to a friend's home for supper. They were a family with Ukrainian roots and guess what the first course was"  You guessed it Borscht!  I finally got to taste what I had been dreaming about for all of those years!
It was love at first bite.  Totally gorgeous.  The flavours were amazing.  They also served these delicious meatballs called Kotlecky which were so very delicious . . .  but today we are talking about Borscht.  We'll save the Kotlecky for another time.

Borscht has a beautiful colour  . . . ruby red . . . .  and  it's just plain delicious . . .  slightly sweet . . . healthy and fortifyingly hearty.  With lots of texture from the dif...