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How to Eat Conveniently While Gluten Free


About fifteen years ago a friend of mine from Canada came to stay with us for a few nights at our cottage down south.  I remember being a bit worried at the time about what I was going to feed her.  She actually brought her own bread and cereal with her, so it ended up being not too bad.

People who are gluten free can sometimes find it difficult to eat out at restaurants, and making meals at home often takes a little more work and planning than cooking a normal meal. In the past, there have been certain types of food that gluten free dieters typically had to avoid, and these included pasta, sandwiches and pizza. This can be tough when your family is searching for the cheapest pizza specials and you know you cannot join in.
These days however, more and more places are catering to this gluten free lifestyle. If you are looking for some gluten free alternatives to your favorite foods, it is now becoming much easier to dine out and eat while in a hurry, with a lot more options being available!

Why Some People Are Gluten Free

 Gluten is a protein that is found in products such as wheat, rye and barley. People with celiac disease suffer from a disorder in which gluten affects the immune system in a way that it harms the lining of the intestine. These people must avoid gluten, or they can get really sick.

Others may not have celiac disease, but are gluten sensitive. This can cause bloating, constipation and other abdominal issues. Some pe...