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Hearty Tomato & Bean Soup

I am really excited to show you this delicious store cupboard recipe today for a Hearty Tomato & Bean Soup.  This makes a lovely, quick supper for those nights when you are rushed off your feet and yet your family is nipping at your heels wanting supper NOW!
The original recipe was adapted from one of those recipe booklets that you used to be able to buy next to the til's in the grocery store back home. I think it was Pillsbury or one of those. This is a soup my children always enjoyed and gradually through the years I adapted to our own tastes and needs.

It makes great use of things most people have in their larders most of the time.  Tinned Beans, tinned corn, tinned tomatoes, tinned tomato soup . . .
  Fresh ingredients include onion and celery, which I am betting most people also have in their larder!
The original recipe called for cooking some bacon at the start, until the fat all rendered out, and then softening the celery and onion in that.  We are trying to stay away from processed meats as much as possible, so now I just use a knob of butter, about 1 TBS.
Once you have them softened it is just a matter of dumping all the cans into the soup pan. You do need to drain and rinse the beans but everything else goes in just as is.  I chop the whole tomatoes up in the tin with my kitchen scissors.
I also added to the seasonings . . .  giving it somewhat of a Tex Mex flair, with mild chili powder...
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