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Fillet of Sole with Crispy Fresh Breadcrumbs

I received some beautiful Lemon Sole Fillets recently from Seafresh, the online fish monger.  I adore sole. It is one of my favourite cuts of fish.  It is so delicate and has such a beautiful flavour. The sole from Seafresh is especially tasty.  Lemon sole is a wonderfully tasty alternative to Dover Sole, which is of course the King of Soles!  I find it just as enjoyable in my opinion! 

The Lemon sole was part of a beautiful box of fish I received last week from Seafresh Quality Foods.  Seafresh sells quality fish, seafood, poultry and meat. I have been very impressed with both their product and their delivery service in the past!  There was absolutely nothing that I could fault with any of it, and I still cannot. Feel free to read about my experience here. 
The Lemon Sole comes in a 1KG package, skin on, with there being 4 to 5 fillets per package.  I skinned it, which is very easily done.  I am not a person who is that fond of eating fish skin, but some people love it. If you are like me you can find a video on how to do that here.  

A sharp knife is all you need. Of course you can also cook it with the skin on.  Its all a matter of preference. 

I wanted to give it a very simple treatment of cooking today. Nothing fancy as I really wanted to highlight the delicate flavours of this beautiful fish.
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