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Egg-Free Breakfast Bowls

Probably 3 years ago, I decided to eliminate eggs from my diet and see how my body reacted. I had gone on accutane and my severe cystic acne had completely cleared up, but after a year of being off the medication, I was having some flare-ups again. And when I mentioned my frustration on instagram, someone mentioned that eggs were causing them to break out and maybe I was experiencing the same thing. So I pulled on my big girl pants and I cut out eggs, and you know what happened…my skin cleared up. I stopped having breakouts completely. It was a huge bummer and a huge surprise, especially since I was eating the best quality eggs available. Eggs were a part of my daily life and I knew it would be challenging to cut them out. Maybe not challenging, but definitely depressing. Eggs were always the easiest protein to get in my diet and now I would have to change direction when it came to my meals.
But as soon as I made that switch, the skin issues went away. Then once I would have eggs again thinking I could get away with it, I would have a skin flare up the same day or the next. So eggs and I have broken up completely. Say I’m baking something like a banana bread with eggs, I can usually get away with eating one piece of the banana bread, but I usually don’t push my luck. Surprisingly, the only time I seem to be able to eat eggs is when I’m in another country. I had eggs for breakfast every single day while I was in France because there really wasn̵...