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Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

It’s back!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has begun and I just did some shopping the other day and bought just a few items this year. In the past I’ve purchased A TON of different pieces but then didn’t wear most of them throughout the year. So this year I decided to be much more thoughtful when it came to what I bought for myself. And that mostly meant pajamas along with a couple staple items like a midi jacket and a super cozy cardigan.
Instead of throwing a MILLION different items from the sale at you, I did a ton of digging to find my top 10 favorites for all the main items I look for when shopping.
In case you haven’t shopped this sale, I wanted to give a quick breakdown of all the important dates:

Nordy Club Ambassadors & Style Icons shop starting July 9th Nordstrom Cardholders get early access starting July 12th at 12:30pm ET
Anniversary Sale opens up to the public July 18th
Prices go back up August 5th

This sale has so many different brands and products on sale, including some amazing hair and beauty products. Below you’ll find some of my top 10 favorite pieces, the items I purchased for myself, and some hair, makeup, and skincare products that are definitely worth snagging during this sale. Let me know if you would like to see anything else, I just didn’t want to overwhelm you like I have in the past with hundreds upon hundreds of items. Remember the sale opens up at 12:30pm ET today for Nordstrom Cardholders!!
Top 10 Favo...