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Chocolate Dipped OREO Cookies

Chocolate Dipped OREO Cookies-kids and adults love these chocolate covered cookies! They are fun to make and fun to eat! Plus, they make great gifts! 

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Chocolate Dipped OREO Cookies are a holiday staple. I have been making them since I was a little kid. I remember making a big mess in the kitchen with my brother and sister. My sister was the neat one and made her cookies look perfect, my brother would dip a few and then just start eating, and I would go crazy with ALL of the toppings. Mine weren’t the prettiest, but man were they tasty. We always had so much fun. This year, I wanted to carry on our family tradition and make Chocolate Dipped OREO Cookies with Caleb and Maxwell. They love OREO cookies and when I told them we were going to dip them in chocolate, their eyes lit up. OREO cookies AND chocolate" A dream come true!