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Breakfast Omelet Cups

Now that the summer holidays are over and the kids are back at school, your weekday mornings are bound to be a bit of a rush, and maybe even manic on some days. If your children are anything like mine were, this could make for a bit of a challenge as far as getting them to eat a wholesome and delicious breakfast before they head out the door.  Back in Canada, mine all had buses to catch. Over here in the UK, most parents drive their children.  It was always a rush for me to get mine out of bed and dressed in time to catch the bus, and to try to get a nutritious breakfast into them at the same time, was hit and miss sometimes.  I found portable things that they could just grab on their way out the door worked best of all most days.
  These Breakfast Omelet Cups are the perfect thing for that.  Small single sized omelets, perfectly for small hands, or hands on the go!  Perfect also for those of us who are watching their carbs. (ME!)
All of the ingredients are simply beaten together and poured into well greased muffin cups and then baked until nicely puffed and golden. 

These are not only good for breakfasts, but also make great light lunches.  The day I was making these some friends just happened to stop by and we all enjoyed them as a quick light lunch.

They are also very adaptable to whatever ingredients you have ready to hand.  On this particular day I used chopped ham, spring onions, peppers and cheddar...