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Blueberry & Corn Salad

Make no mistake about it.  I am a salad lover.  There is no end to the combination of flavours and colours and deliciousness when it comes to making salads.  This is a salad my friend Rhondi posted on Instagram the other week and I bookmarked it. It was just interesting enough and colourful enough that I knew it was something we would enjoy! 

The original recipe comes from Yummly, by way of A Healthy Life for Me, and is Gluten Free and Paleo.  Of course I adapted it a bit to what I have/had in my house and garden, and with most delicious results I might add! 

I have always ascribed to the notion that there is a reason certain foods ripen together and in the same season . . .  to me it usually means that they are ingredients that go well with each other. You might think that blueberries and corn are not things that would go together, but you would be totally wrong! 
Not only do they ripen at approximately the same time, but they also work wonderfully together when served in a salad such as this.  Blueberries are not all that sweet when raw . . .  the sweetness only really comes out when they are cooked.  When raw they are a bit tangy and earthy, at least they are to me! 

Corn, when cooked properly is crisp and sweet and juicy . . .  fresh tasting.  Mix the two together and you have a beautiful marriage of crisp, sweet, tangy, juicy wonderfulness! 

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