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Blackberry Bakewell Pudding

One of my favourite magazines to buy (aside from Country Home)  when I was bringing up my children was Good Housekeeping. They always had great recipes in them, plus collectible recipes, which yes I always collected, and crafts, useful articles, etc.  I used to clip out the recipes that I thought looked good and save the craft patterns and any articles I thought would be useful. Every Christmas they would have a Gingerbread House on the cover.  So lovely . . .  I always aspired to make one like theirs, but never quite managed it.

They have Good Housekeeping Magazine over here in the UK as well, although now my family is grown I never really buy it.  I do find it difficult to resist their seasonal and Christmas special magazines however!   
This year I have collected their Spring collection and the Summer one and the other day I was in the grocery store and spied the Autumn one.  You know Autumn is truly in the air when the magazines start presenting you with autumnal pleasures!  I could not resist this.  a quick glance through it and it was destined to land in my grocery cart!
And it has only taken me two days to bake up this lovely Blackberry Bakewell Pudding recipe that graced its pages.  Our blackberry bushes are filled to overflowing with those lovely berries at the moment.  Every day Todd goes out into the yard he brings back another plastic tub full of them.

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