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Best Spinach & Cheese Omelet - Video Recipe

Veggies wrapped in creamy scrambled eggs is a great way to start the day. And adding your fave cheese is over-the-top decadence. A Spinach and Cheese Omelet is one of my favorite breakfasts. Go ahead and dig in below.

Play it here. Video runs 1 minute 39 seconds.
It comes together quickly, as fresh spinach sauteed in a hot pan only takes a minute to become tender.

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You can use thawed frozen spinach or spinach from a can, too. Just make sure to drain any packaged or canned cooked spinach, or the omelet will be too soggy.

Any cheese you have on hand can go into this omelet. I used a mild soft white French cheese, but go ahead and fill the omelet with good old American cheese, or even pungent Swiss or feta cheese.
For the eggs, I like to scramble them first in a bowl, then pour into a low to medium hot pan. Not too hot because I want to catch the eggs while they are slightly moist, before I fold the omelet over the sauteed spinach and cheese.

Of course, cook the omelet the way you like it; old-school truckstop or diner-style with a slight crusty brown on the outside and solid on the inside. It's all deliciously good!

I went all out and topped the omelet with a pat of butter, and chopped chives from my small garden.

All the ingredients are the right price for this penny-pinching egg-flipper. Lately, I get an eight-pack of eggs from my local Dollar Tree and fresh spinach from the 99c only Store. I get cheese from both budg...