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Basic Crusty White Loaf for Breadmakers

Basic Crusty White Loaf for Breadmakers- a very simple recipe for a basic white loaf with a lovely crust, that is made in a breadmaker. 
Jump to RecipeHands up who loves fresh, crusty bread" Literally everyone's hand should be up! There's nothing like it, that gorgeous smell wafting through the kitchen and then big, thick slices covered in butter. Or doorstopper sandwiches for your picnic or slices to dunk in your soup. Mmmm!
The thing about home-made bread though, is that is quite a bit of effort. All that kneading, and worrying if it's going to rise. Plus here in the Uk, at anytime of year except summer, it's usually too cold to get a reliable rise, unless you have a fancy bread proving drawer (I don't). So I rely completely on my breadmaker. It's the classic Panasonic one that most people have. I make my favourite crusty white loaf in the breadmaker. It's a basic white loaf, with limited ingredients; crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and it comes out perfectly, every, single time. I'm only ever 4 hours away from a delicious freshly baked loaf.Top Tips for making a basic white loaf in the breadmaker1) Check your own breadmaker's instruction leaflet to make sure you're putting ingredients in the recommended order. For panasonic it's yeast first, then dry ingredients, then wet/liquids.2) When measuring the water, be precise and make sure it's warm to the touch. Not boiling water.