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Atukula Kesari - Aval Kesari - Avalakki Kesari Bath

Aval kesari is an Easy Sweet Recipe made with Beaten Rice or Poha.This sweet can be made during all festive occasions like Gokulastami,Navratri or can make this sweet in jiffy, if Guest arrives home. This kesari melts in Mouth.

Aval Kesari Prep Time :  5  min.  
Cook Time : 10  minutes.Recipe Category:sweetsRecipe Cusine  Indianserves:3

Poha/Aval - 1/2 Cup.Sugar - 1/2 Cup.Water -1 Cup.Ghee -  2 tbspyellow or Orange Colour - a Generous Pinch.Cardomom - 2 pods (crushed) or Cardomom Powder - 1/8 tsp.Cashewnuts - 6 - 7.

MethodHeat a tsp of Ghee in a heavy bottomed Pan.Fry Cashew nuts till it turns Golden brown Colour.Remove it & keep aside.In a Same Pan, fry Poha in a medium flame till it changes the colour slightly & also you get good aroma of Poha. When it cools down.Grind  little coarsely in a mixie or blender.
Heat a Cup of water in a Pan, when it starts boiling,reduce the flame to low.Add a pinch of yellow colour. Now add coarsely ground poha, slowly in one hand & keep stirring in other hand.
Mix well, cook in a Medium flame, stir  continuously till it is thick.if you have any lumps break it.Then add Sugar, mix well. It oozes water. Don't worry, keep on stirring till it is thick & leaves the sides of Pan.Add Remaining Ghee,fried Cashews & crushed cardomom or Cardomom Powder.Mix well. Remove from heat & serve Warm.

NotesAdd Ghee according to your preferen...
Source: Vysyas recipes