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Apple & Blackberry Jam

I love this time of year when the hedgerows are beginning to fill up with wild blackberries. We grow our own in our garden as well.  This is the perfect time of year to make beautiful jams and baked treas with all of the bounty.  Cooking apples are coming into their own as well.  Combining the two into a fabulously tasty jam just makes sense.
We grow some really lovely cooking apples here in the UK.  They are called Bramley Apples and they are the UK's favourite cooking apple. Large, flattish, green in appearance, sometimes with a bit of a red flush, its flesh is white, juicy and quite acidic which makes them perfect for cooking with.  They turn into a frothy pulp when cooked, which makes them perfect for pies, cakes, applesauce and jams.  They go very well with blackberries, and you will often see them combined in pies and cakes, trifles, and other desserts/puddings here in the UK.  I think nature is so wonderful.  Ofttimes you will find that fruits and vegetables which naturally have a great flavour affinity for being combined with each other happen to ripen at the same time.

I only made half the recipe today as there are only two of us in this house and one of us isn't supposed to eat jam.  I also have to apologise for my lack of jars.  I have found myself in the unfortunate position of not having any empty jars, so a leftover takeaway tray has had to suffice.

I know you will forgive m...