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A Simple Pasta with Chicken Broth, Butter & Cheese

This Pasta with Chicken Broth, Butter & Cheese that I am sharing with you today is a beautiful example of simple and uncomplicated foods done well and put together in a most delicious way.

There are several things that I always keep in my larder.  One of them is a variety of pasta shapes, from the always popular spaghetti right on down to rice shaped orzo.  I love pasta, and would eat it in any way shape or form . . . Todd, however is not so sure!

He does always eat what I put in front of him, and he is a fan of pinching the pennies, and so he didn't complain overly much when I served him this, plus there was still some Sticky Toffee Pudding Cakes, leftover from the other day for afters. 
Another thing I always keep in my store cupboard is a variety of stock cubes and gel pots.  Chicken, vegetable, beef, ham, lamb  . . .  Stock and pasta are the basis of this very simple and yet delicious dish in which pasta is quite simply cooked in a quantity of stock . . .
Cooking the pasta in the stock infuses it with lots of flavour, and the starch from the pasta actually serves to thicken the stock somewhat into a sauce  . . . 
The knob of butter added at the end doesn't hurt either . . . . just sayin' 

This is one dish where you want to cook the pasta at a slow simmer. To boil it in the stock would mean that too much of the stock would evaporate, and you want to keep as much of it i...
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