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9 Habits of Successful People with Clean, Happy Kitchens

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Good cleaning habits can help you become a more successful person. No, but really.
In the same way that people who live in clean homes get better sleep, you’re more likely to get into your kitchen and cook (and actually enjoy it) if it’s a calm, clean, and organized space.
This is because there’s a psychological impact of physical cleanliness–namely, when you maintain a clean space and don’t see clutter everywhere you look, your mind is less prone to feel like sucha jumbled mess either.If you’ve ever worked from home and couldn’t actually sit down at your computer until you put away your laundry and made yourbed first, you can attest tothe above.
So what does this have to do with successful people" Obviously, I can’t define “success” for anyone other than, well, me… but from how I see it, committing to cleanliness is basically committing to anti-laziness. It takes work to maintain a tidy space–like hard work. And every time you accomplish a single task that contributes to a cleaner space, it’s a victory! And even just one or two extra little victories in a given day are apt to make anyone feel more confident and capable. Think about the most successful peopleyou know… I bet quite a few of them have those busy-as-hell lives, but somehow manage to maintain a presentably clean car, tidy home, and organized office. It’s not a coincidence, and it ...
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