Project L is a New League of Legends Fighting Game by Riot Games - Outstanding news

Project L is a New League of Legends Fighting Game by Riot Games

Riot Games revealed new information about its upcoming assist-based League of Legends fighting game, titled Project L, in a new gameplay video. Originally teased back in 2019, senior director Tom Cannon gave fans an update about how Project L will look and play, including some in-depth character introductions. Additionally, Cannon revealed that Project L is not planned to release in 2021 or 2022, and there is currently no confirmed release platforms or price.

Tom & @Pond3r reintroduce Project L, an assist-based fighter set in the world of Runeterra.
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Project L is set in the world of Runeterra and will feature various popular characters from theLeague of Legends franchise. As an assist-based fighting game,Project L will also allow players to have multiple characters at their disposal in a given game. In the introduction video, Tony and Tom Cannon explain how it will follow an “easy to learn, hard to master” mentality. Tom Cannon states that he wishes for characters inProject L to be easy to pick up, but still have opportunities for veteran players to enhance and create unique playstyles. In terms of characters, the trailer showed off some prominent faces and character designs. This includes Jinx, Ekko, Ahri, and Darius. Cannon states that the main priority in bringing these characters intoProject L was keeping each character’s un...