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Elgato Wave XLR Review – Microphone Audio Interface For All

Let’s face it, audio can be a somewhat intimidating thing to the layperson. The likes of complex audio interfaces required for traditional high-quality XLR microphones has led to a rise in USB microphones for the sake of plug-and-play simplicity, but what if you want both the quality of an XLR mic with the simple nature of a USB mic" You don’t need anything fancy for your home production. Enter the Elgato Wave XLR, a simple USB audio interface that takes the guesswork and complexity out of the XLR microphone game. Elgato sent a Wave XLR our way to test out in our home office setup, bringing USB simplicity to studio-level quality.
To be clear, I am very familiar with audio interfaces, having worked at a popular music gear retailer for over a decade and having my own vocal booth setup in my office that runs a high-quality condenser microphone through a nice Focusrite interface. I wanted similar good-sounding XLR mic quality at my desk as well, but didn’t want to have to have a whole second complex audio setup to use my second XLR mic at my desk. The Wave XLR met those needs, and effectively turned myMovo VSM-7 XLR mic into a USB mic. Routing the VSM-7’s XLR cable through the Elgato Wave Mic Arm, it was as easy as plugging the cable into the back of the Wave XLR. But despite its simple appearance, Wave XLR packs a ton of features into its little chassis, thanks in part to the Elgato Wave Link software, which addresses much of the more complex fu...
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