Battlefield 2042 Becomes One of the Worst Rated Games on Steam - Outstanding news

Battlefield 2042 Becomes One of the Worst Rated Games on Steam

Less than a week after launch,Battlefield 2042 has entered the top 10 worst-rated games on the Steam platform. Thousands of disgruntled players have been leaving negative reviews on Battlefield 2042’s Steam store page, lambasting both DICE and Electronic Arts for releasing the game in an unfinished state. Meanwhile, DICE has been hard at work releasing patches and bug fixes for, though it may take a little longer for all of the issues to be resolved.
According to Steam250,Battlefield 2042 currently sits at ninth place in Steam’s worst-rated games list. It currently sits between Peter Molyneux’sGodus andRoller Coaster Tycoon World.As of writing, over 32,000 users have left negative reviews. One popular review reads:

This game is meant to sell, not play. They invested all of their efforts into things like pointless weather effects and completely unnecessary scale so they could use them as selling points instead of investing in gameplay. I could honestly go on but i think the part that is the most disappointing thing about all of this is that this game was labeled as “a love letter to fans” before it was even revealed, yet here they are ignoring feedback on what fans want.

The remaining 10,000 players who left positive reviews, on the other hand, highlighted how Battlefield 2042 was playable but required bug fixes. Some praised itsPortal game mode, which allows players to enjoy maps and weapons from past Battlefield titles. Others recommen...