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TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Moncage’

It was in October of last year that publisher XD Network announced that they’d be bringing developer Optillusion’s unique perspective-based puzzler Moncage to multiple platforms including mobile, and when they formally announced a release date for the game last month I said at the time that I’d be first in line to pick up the game. Well this week Moncage launched on PC and mobile, and I indeed was the very first person to download the game! Well, that’s probably not true, but I did grab Moncage as soon as possible and I couldn’t be more impressed and delighted with it so far.
Also in that post from last month, I explained that Moncage was a tricky game to put into words, and it’s probably easier to just watch the trailer to see what the heck it’s all about. That’s still true! But let me give it a shot anyway. Moncage features a special cube where on each side of the cube is a different scene. These scenes are fully 3D and the side of the cube acts as sort of a window into each scene. Moving the cube around also changes the perspectives you get on each scene, allowing you to see “inside" it. The crux of the game is about manipulating the cube in such a way that one scene aligns with another scene so the two can connect and bring an object to life that changes something in one or both of the scenes. Ah heck, just watch the dang trailer.
The way the scenes connect to each other is so clever, and oftentimes quite...
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