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‘Final Fantasy V’ Pixel Remaster Review – Gilgamesh the Great

When it comes to a series as near and dear to my heart as Final Fantasy, trying to pick my favorite is a very difficult task. It’s also a bit of a ridiculous task, as there is no particular need to pick a favorite. You can play them all! But it is a question that tends to come up when RPG fans gather, and thus it is one that I have reluctantly answered many times. The answer isn’t always the same, but certainly one of my more common replies is Final Fantasy V. And now, it’s this game’s turn to get its second chance on mobile in the form of Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster ($17.99).
There’s something of a theme with these rereleases so far, but I’ll quickly run through the details for those who just want the Pixel Remaster-specific information. First, the game’s visuals have been redone in a style far closer to the 16-bit original. That is not to say that they are the same, however. There’s a lot of extra detail here that is immediately apparent if you compare screens directly. But it does mean that the contentious appearance of the previous mobile release of Final Fantasy V is no more. The large, high res character sprites have been banished. The weirdly mismatched tiles are out of here. The 3D objects popping awkwardly out of the map have gone to the void. While I didn’t completely hate the character sprites from the previous version, I can’t argue that as a whole the game was a mish-mash of conflicting styles t...
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