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It?s been quite the year of poker stories, and our faithful readers very much seemed to enjoy our poker content. Exclusive interviews ranked very highly in the stories our readers flocked to most, maybe edged out slightly by content about perhaps the most interesting man in the poker world today, Kid Poker.
Daniel Negreanu leaves PokerStars
Negreanu dominated many of our headlines this year, but none were bigger than this one. After 12 years of marriage, Kid Poker was finally leaving PokerStars. Neither side has apparently suffered much from the split, as Negreanu has continued to be one of the best and most vocal players alive .
This story didn?t end there though, as Negreanu had a bit of a snafu selling shares of his WSOP action. After a glitch in the server, Negreanu had to pay back many of his backers, but the good guy did so quickly, keeping everyone happy. WSOP POY gets nothing but honor
As the World Series of Poker was raging on, and Daniel Negreanu was doing quite well, we might add, we all got a reminder of what was at stake for the Player of the Year award: nothing at all.
Our Lee Davy analyzed the injustice of having no reward for the most consistent player of the year, and took a look at many players? thoughts on the matter. His conclusion was its about time the biggest poker series in the world actually provide some real recognition for its best player, and not just hand waive it away.
Rob Yong shares his thoughts on all things online poker
In an exclusive inte...